DEC vs. DEC+J ML models on a time-stratified ("M3") Psychotria analysis. Here, lineages cannot occupy islands before they rise above the ocean.


Caption: Stochastic mapping of approximately equiprobable alternative histories under each model. Left: DEC model. Right: DEC+J, which includes founder-event speciation. Key: Blue, K=Kauai. Green: O=Oahu. Yellow: M=Maui-Nui. Red: H=Hawaii Big Island. Kauai is the oldest high island (~5.2 Ma), the Big Island is the youngest island (~0.5 Ma).


Caption: Stochastic mapping of global dispersal events for family Canidae (wolves, dogs, foxes, and living/extinct relatives). Each slide shows arrows representing the number of dispersal events recorded in a specific Biogeographic Stochastic Map (a statistical sample of the possible biogeographical histories). The exactly location of arrow starts/ends are arbitrary, all that is being depicted is dispersal events estimated between the coarse biogeographical regions (different colors on the map).

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