Berkeley Biogeography 2020

This is a Zoom lab for a U.C. Berkeley lab exercise in historical biogeography, conducted on Friday, November 6, 2020.

First, there will be a lecture on the basics of historical biogeography.

Second, there will be a live walkthrough of an example BioGeoBEARS analysis in R. To run this script, all you have to do is:

  1. Get a free RStudio Cloud account (e.g. with gmail) from
  2. Login and open a new project
  3. Copy-and-paste from the script into the command window. Do this chunk-by-chunk, seeing what happens.

I would recommend that you watch me do the walkthrough, then do it yourself and answer the multiple-choice questions (whether or not those questions are formally assigned is up to your TAs).

Example Script doing a basic historical biogeography analysis in BioGeoBEARS

See 2020 UCB BioGeoBEARS lab script

Multiple choice questions (without answers)

See 2020 UCB BioGeoBEARS lab questions

File nameFile typeSize
BIOSCI395_Matzke_biogeog2_Darwin_to_models_v1.pptxNo description25.68 MBInfo
BIOSCI395_Matzke_trait-based_model_biogeog_v2.pptxNo description38.05 MBInfo
Matzke_Noah_to_Darwin1_v2.pptxNo description30.89 MBInfo
Psychotria_BAYAREALIKE_vs_BAYAREALIKE+J_M0_unconstrained_v1.pdfPDF document127.9 kBInfo
Psychotria_DEC_vs_DEC+J_M0_unconstrained_v1.pdfPDF document128.34 kBInfo
Psychotria_DIVALIKE_vs_DIVALIKE+J_M0_unconstrained_v1.pdfPDF document100.12 kBInfo
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