Peter Foster's "Idiots Guide to the Zen of Likelihood"

A very valuable article for teaching about phylogenetic likelihood and matrix exponentiation is:

Foster, Peter G. (2001). "The Idiot's Guide to the Zen of Likelihood in a Nutshell in Seven Days for Dummies, Unleashed." Online PDF, widely copied. 2023-10-28 locations:

Because various links to this PDF appear and disappear, it is useful to have it in multiple locations online — it would be a shame if it disappeared. Therefore, I have added it to PhyloWiki — see the "Files" section, at the bottom of this page.

File nameFile typeSize
foster01-idiotslikelihood.pdfPDF document179.52 kBInfo
Foster_2001_Idiots_guide_to_likelihood.pdfPDF document179.52 kBInfo
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